Case Study - Sales Funnel And Lead Generation For AmazeOwl

For AmazeOwl, a company helping people sell on Amazon, together with the team we created a plan that brought in 8,300 marketing qualified leads and tripled their Montly Recurring Revenue. This big win came from a special quiz on their website, a smart way to onboard new customers and upsell them with extra services.

Sales Funnel


AmazeOwl, a company that helps people start selling on Amazon, needed more leads and a way to turn these leads into buyers. I came in to help with this.

We created a fun and engaging quiz using Typeform and put it on a landing page. This quiz was really good at getting the attention of people who want to sell on Amazon. It worked great, bringing in 8,300 people interested in what AmazeOwl offers.

The next step was to turn these interested people into paying customers. Using a tool called Autopilot, we sorted those leads into different groups and gave each group a special experience based on what they like and need. This made sure everyone got the right kind of attention.

The main goal was to get these people subscribe to one of the AmazeOwl's paid plans. For that, we created an intricate sales funnel.

Further on, we strategically introduced additional offerings, such as courses and extra services, designed to align with our customers' intentions and the authority our product holds in their minds.

These offerings weren't just about increasing revenue. They were valuable tools that helped them excel in their Amazon selling journey.

We partnered with expert content creators, ensuring the material was top-notch and genuinely useful. Additionally, we ran special partnership deals, offering our customers exclusive access to services and products that could further enhance their success on Amazon.

Finally, we leveraged Trustpilot to bolster our social proof and increase trust among our customers. The positive reviews and ratings on Trustpilot served as a testament to the quality and reliability of the offerings, reinforcing customer confidence. Win-win for everyone!

What we did

  • Custom Landing Page
  • Autopilot
  • Typeform
  • Stripe
  • Trustpilot

I recommend Eugene to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level of success and profitability. He has a keen eye for seeking out ways to increase profits and implementing a strategy to achieve that. Would definitely recommend him to others. Thank you!

Oleg Zaidiner
CEO & Co-Founder at AmazeOwl and aNavigator
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