Case Study - Sales Funnel And Conversion Tracking for J. v. G. technology GmbH

We set up cold email campaigns for J. v. G. technology GmbH, generating up to 60 Marketing Qualified Leads per day. Achieved a 255% increase in open rates and an impressive 940% boost in click rates for their email funnel. Additionally, we implemented a comprehensive conversion tracking and attribution platform.

J. v. G. technology GmbH
Cold Email + Sales Funnel


J. v. G. technology GmbH, a German producer of solar production lines, operates worldwide.Their sales process is intricate due to the high cost and complexity of their machines.

Upon joining their team, my initial focus was on revamping their email funnel for new leads. The goal was to enhance engagement and ultimately improve conversion rates.

Through meticulous restructuring and content enhancement, we achieved remarkable results. Some emails witnessed up to a 255% improvement in open rates and a staggering 940% increase in click rates. These enhancements significantly boosted the conversion rates, a crucial metric for J. v. G. technology GmbH considering their long and complex sales cycle, which often spans over a year with follow-ups extending up to three years.

Post the success in email marketing, our attention shifted to conversion tracking and marketing attribution. We developed a platform that tracked performance across various channels. Leveraging tools like Google Tag Manager, Looker, Apps Script, and some custom JavaScript, we created a system that not only provided valuable insights for data-driven decision-making but also streamlined the integration of new marketing channels, allowing for efficient experimentation.

To further strengthen our approach, we introduced Trustpilot. This move was strategic to provide social proof to our leads and establish a feedback loop. The positive reviews and ratings on Trustpilot significantly enhanced trust and credibility among potential customers.

Finally, to get them consistent inflow of leads, we launched cold email campaigns, which consistently deliver up to 60 Marketing Qualified Leads, and have a 60% open rate and 25% click rate.

What we did

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Looker
  • Cold Email
  • Apps Script
  • Trustpilot
Increase in email click rates
Up to 940%
Increase in email open rates
Up to 255%
Increase in conversion rate
MQL Leads Daily
Up to 60

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