Case Study - Sales funnel for J. v. G. Saddle Innovations UG

In our collaboration with J. v. G. Saddle Innovations UG, we tackled a range of challenges from email deliverability issues to optimizing their e-commerce strategy.

J. v. G. Saddle Innovations UG
Sales Funnel


J. v. G. Saddle Innovations UG, renowned for their high-quality horse accessories, faced a critical challenge: their IP address was blacklisted, affecting email deliverability and hurting their reputation. Stepping in to address this, we first tackled the deliverability issue by switching the IP address and implementing email authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. This was coupled with an initiative encouraging users to mark emails as 'not spam,' restoring the company's email integrity.

Furthermore, recognizing the potential of their e-commerce platform, we deployed Mailgun for efficient email marketing delivery and authentication. This move not only resolved delivery issues but also significantly boosted sales.

Following this, a sleek and fast landing page was developed, along with conversion tracking and optimization. This comprehensive approach not only resolved their immediate challenges but also set the stage for sustained growth and improved customer engagement.

What we did

  • Landing Page
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailgun

We have been working successfully with Eugene for many years. He always finds a quick and suitable solution for all problems. We appreciate his good communication, availability, flexibility and professional work. Eugene has become a very important part of our team. Much appreciated, Eugene.

Andreas Lange
Online Marketing Manager
More contact requests
Decrease in ad spend
Page Speed Increase
Spam complaint rate

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