Case Study - Server-Side Tracking For Sanemedia

We implemented a comprehensive server-side conversion tracking solution for Sanemedia, a young and ambitious marketing agency, to prepare for the cookieless future and comply with emerging privacy regulations.

Conversion Tracking and Optimization


Sanemedia, a young and ambitious marketing agency, recognized the need to adapt to the changing landscape of online privacy and tracking. As major browsers like Google Chrome announced plans to phase out third-party cookies by the second half of 2024, Sanemedia sought to future-proof their conversion tracking and comply with emerging regulations.

The Challenge

Sanemedia's clients relied heavily on third-party cookies for conversion tracking, remarketing, and audience targeting across various platforms, including Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, Sanemedia risked losing valuable data and insights, potentially hampering their ability to deliver effective marketing campaigns and measure success accurately.

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If you want to find out if server-side tracking is right for you, you can read my blog post about it.

The Solution

1. Setting Up the Server-Side Infrastructure

The first step in implementing server-side conversion tracking was to establish the necessary infrastructure. Sanemedia set up a custom tracking subdomain and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to handle the server-side data processing. They deployed a Server-side Container in the cloud to manage and execute the tracking logic.

2. Implementing Server-Side Google Analytics

To track conversions and user interactions without relying on third-party cookies, Sanemedia implemented server-side Google Analytics. This approach allowed them to capture data directly on their servers, bypassing the need for client-side tracking and ensuring more accurate and reliable data collection.

3. Configuring Client-Side and Conversion API for Facebook

For Facebook advertising campaigns, Sanemedia set up the client-side tracking and integrated the Conversion API. This server-side solution enabled them to send conversion data directly from their servers to Facebook, eliminating the dependency on third-party cookies and improving data accuracy.

4. Event Deduplication for Facebook

To ensure data integrity and avoid double-counting conversions, Sanemedia implemented event deduplication for Facebook. This process involved identifying and removing duplicate conversion events, resulting in more precise attribution and campaign performance reporting.

5. Client-Side Tracking for LinkedIn and Twitter

While Facebook and Google Analytics were transitioned to server-side tracking, Sanemedia maintained client-side tracking for LinkedIn and Twitter campaigns. This approach allowed them to continue leveraging these platforms' native tracking capabilities while exploring server-side solutions as they become available.

The Benefits

1. Compliance with Privacy Regulations

By adopting a server-side conversion tracking approach, Sanemedia ensured compliance with emerging privacy regulations and prepared for the cookieless future. This proactive move positioned them as a responsible and trustworthy partner for their clients.

2. Improved Data Accuracy and Reliability

Server-side tracking eliminated the reliance on third-party cookies, resulting in more accurate and reliable data collection. This enhanced data quality allowed Sanemedia to make better-informed decisions and optimize their marketing campaigns more effectively.

3. Better Performance and Speed

With server-side tracking, Sanemedia experienced improved website performance and faster load times, as the client-side tracking scripts were no longer necessary. This enhanced user experience contributed to better engagement and conversion rates.

4. More Comprehensive Tracking

By implementing server-side tracking, Sanemedia was able to capture a broader range of events and interactions, including those that might have been missed by traditional client-side tracking methods.


Sanemedia's proactive implementation of server-side conversion tracking allowed them to navigate the cookieless future successfully. By leveraging first-party data, server-side infrastructure, and platform-specific APIs, they ensured accurate and reliable conversion tracking while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.

This case study showcases Sanemedia's commitment to staying ahead of industry changes and providing their clients with future-proof marketing solutions.

What we did

  • Custom Tracking Subdomain
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Server-side Container
  • Server-side Google Analytics
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Event Deduplication
  • Client-side Tracking

Eugene is extremely competent and an expert at what he does. You will not regret working with him!

Anthony Gomez
Co-Founder at Sanemedia
Improvement in Website Performance
Reduction in Data Discrepancies
Boost in Conversion Rates

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